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Martin Hanna was a rock for me at a time when I was lost in a storm.  I will be eternally grateful for the help and support that he gave me which kept me positive and strong throughout my darkness. I have a long way to go, but he guided me through a big part of my difficult journey.

The Family Law Department, who assisted me, has always shown not only a remarkable level of expertise in the field but also the empathy and professional wisdom that are essentials when assisting individuals experiencing personally difficult circumstances

The communication lines were excellent at all stages of the process and I felt my matter was given complete attention & consideration. I would highly recommend the services of this firm

Emma Stratton accredited to specialist Children Order Panel

Our Family Law Solicitor Emma Stratton has been accredited to the Law Society of Northern Ireland’s Children Order Panel.
02/11/2023general news

Francis Hanna & Co welcome newly qualified Solicitors to their growing team

We are delighted to welcome two newly qualified Solicitors to our team at Francis Hanna & Co Solicitors.  Nadege Lemon and Mary Muldoon have both successfully completed their Apprenticeships and now remain with Francis Hanna & Co  in Solicitor roles.
02/11/2023general news

Claire Edgar guest presenter at European Conference on Domestic Violence in Iceland

Our Family Law Partner Claire Edgar was a guest presenter at this year’s European Conference on Domestic Violence in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Can my Compensation Claim be transferred to another firm

Cases involving a serious injury can be incredibly complex and so it is vital that an injured person or their family instruct the right team of legal experts who have experience in dealing with these highly specialist cases.   
15/09/2023personal injury

The Court Children's Officer

Article 4 of the Children (NI) Order 1995 allows for the Family Courts in Northern Ireland to arrange for a ‘suitably qualified person to report to the Court on such matters relating to the welfare of a child’.   This suitably qualified person is known as the Court Children’s Officer and they can play a significant part in promoting a just and compassionate and child-centred approach to legal proceedings involving children. 

What are the grounds of Divorce in NI

Many people, particularly older generations, feel that divorce has become somewhat ‘fashionable’ these days and that it is too ‘easy’ for couples to get divorced.  Whilst some could argue that there may be a little truth in that given the statistics, it is by no means the case that any Tom Dick or Harry (or their female counterparts!) can simply get a divorce.

What is a Periodical Payment

If an injured party is successful in their personal injury claim, the award of compensation can be in the form of one lump sum payment, periodical payments, or a combination of both.  
10/09/2023personal injury

Why We Should Deal With Your Personal Injury Case

At Francis Hanna & Co Solicitors, we have built our reputation as one of Northern Ireland's leading law firms by recovering millions of pounds' worth of compensation for those who have suffered personal and serious injury due to the negligence of others.  
05/09/2023personal injury