Discretionary Trusts Frequently Asked Questions

For many of us, the purpose of executing a Will is to make sure our loved ones are provided for once we are no longer around. However, when that loved one has a disability, this can lead to challenges.
11/05/2022future planning

National Stalking Awareness Week 2022 - An Overview of the Law on Stalking in NI

Today marks the start of National Stalking Awareness Week 2022 which runs from Monday 25th April 2022 to Friday 29 April 2022.

Legal Aid Waiver available for victims of Domestic Abuse in Childrens Proceedings

In February 2022, the Legal Services Agency introduced a discretionary waiver which will now mean that victims of domestic abuse may be eligible to Legal Aid when defending certain Children (NI) Order proceedings even if their financial circumstances might otherwise mean that they are ineligible.

The End of The Blame Game - No Fault Divorce becomes new law in England & Wales

This week saw the introduction of no fault divorce in England and Wales.  Previously in England and Wales, when a couple wished to divorce, one spouse had to either make accusations against the other of unreasonable behaviour or adultery or else face years of separation before being legally able to end their marriage.

The Importance of Energy Performance Certificates

Although they have been in place since 2008, there is a renewed interest in Energy Performance Certificates, but what exactly are they and why are they important? 

Review of Personal Injury Discount Rate welcomed in Northern Ireland

The first review of the discount rate has been completed under The Damages (Return on Investment) Act (NI) 2022. 
22/03/2022personal injury

Claire Edgar presents domestic abuse training to The Voice of Migrant Women

Our Family Law Partner, Claire Edgar recently presented a talk on family law at an event organised by The Voices of Migrant Women. 

Protection from Stalking legislation one step closer as Bill passes final stage at Stormont

On 22nd February 2022, the Protection from Stalking Bill passed its Final Stage at the Stormont Assembly.