Making a Will

Few people would deny the sense in making a Will and most of us have at one stage or another considered it, but many of us just don’t get around to the task. Everyday life seems to get in the way and for most of us, the subject of death is all too gloomy to focus on for any huge length of time.
06/04/2020wills & estates

Living Wills and Advance Directives

We are all familiar with heartrending stories of gravely ill people who want to be able to choose their time of going if their suffering becomes intolerable to them. 
07/01/2020wills & estates

Homemade Wills - Are They Worth The Risk

  In an age where everything seems to come with a price tag, most of us in one way or another will try and find cost-effective ways in which to handle our affairs in an effort to save some money.  A popular money-saving exercise that seems to have caught the attention of the thrifty amongst us is the option of writing your own Will.
02/09/2016wills & estates

Taking Control of Your Life, Even in Death

  In June 2016, Belfast hosted the British Medical Association (BMA) Annual Conference.  One controversial topic debated was the BMA’s position on assisted suicide.  The issue centered on whether the BMA should adopt a stance of being “neutral” rather than “opposed” to assisting a person ending their own life.  
27/07/2016wills & estates

Ilott v Mitson inheritance dispute case goes to the UK Supreme Court

  The UK Supreme Court has granted permission for a challenge of the decision of the England & Wales Court of Appeal in the inheritance dispute case of Ilott v Mitson.
11/03/2016wills & estates

Making a Will

We all know the saying, Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans. However, with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is sometimes difficult to make any plans at all
16/02/2016wills & estates

What is a Statutory Will

If an adult has insufficient appreciation or understanding to make a Will possibly through learning disability, brain injury or Dementia, the Master of the Office of Care & Protection can consider an application for a Will to be made on that person’s behalf, this is a Statutory Will.
01/07/2015wills & estates