Review of Personal Injury Discount Rate welcomed in Northern Ireland

The first review of the discount rate has been completed under The Damages (Return on Investment) Act (NI) 2022. 
22/03/2022personal injury

Francis Hanna & Co listed as Specialist Solicitors in Brain Injury cases

We have been listed as accredited and specialist Solicitors in the Headway Solicitor's Directory.
21/02/2022personal injury

Calls for changes to Child Compensation claims in NI

Today marks the final day of the consultation process on mandatory Court approval of children’s compensation claims in Northern Ireland.     
24/09/2021personal injury

Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Day 2021

Friday 21st May 2021 marks Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Day 2021. This is an event arranged by the Spinal Injuries Association in conjunction with other charities to increase awareness and understanding of spinal cord injuries and their impact, effect and treatment.
21/05/2021personal injury

Action for Brain Injury Week 2021, The Importance of Instructing a Specialist in Brain Injury Claims

Action for Brain Injury Week 2021 runs in the UK from 17th – 23rd May 2021. This is a week where focus is given to raising awareness of the devastating effects of brain injury.  As a legal practice specialising in catastrophic brain injury cases, we are regularly faced with the effects of brain injury arising out of all types of accidents on the road, at work or as a result of medical negligence.
21/05/2021personal injury

Deaf Awareness Week 2021

Deaf Awareness Week 2021 runs from 4th - 9th May 2021 and aims not only to promote the positive aspects of living with deafness but to raise awareness of organisations that work to support those living with hearing loss and deafness within our communities.
05/05/2021personal injury

Same Household Rule removed in Northern Ireland

A change has been introduced in relation to applying for Criminal Injuries Compensation.
20/04/2021personal injury

Covid 19 - Rapid Changes in Personal Injury Landscape as Lockdown Continues

The current pandemic has wide reaching implications in the area of personal injury law and as such the landscape is developing at a tremendously fast pace.
28/04/2020personal injury

Covid 19 - Duties of Employers to Workers

As many of us are set to enjoy to a break at home with our families this Easter weekend, some key workers and others are having to go out to work.
10/04/2020personal injury

Maternity related medical negligence cases

A number of maternity related medical negligence stories have sadly made national news headlines in recent weeks.
21/01/2020personal injury

Compensation for Historical Abuse can be claimed through the Courts

There has been much in the news in recent days about the lack of redress available for victims of Historical Abuse, following the failure to implement the findings of Historical Abuse Inquiry in 2017.
23/05/2019personal injury

Francis Hanna & Co successful in Historical Abuse claim against Church

  At Francis Hanna & Co, we have specialist solicitors dedicated to helping victims of child abuse pursue claims for compensation where the abuse has taken place in schools, care homes, the church or similar institutions.
16/02/2018personal injury

Birth Defects

The birth of a child is highly emotive for the entire family.  Sometimes injury occurs during childbirth to the child, the mother or both.  The effect of such an injury can be life changing and can have long term physical, emotional, and often financial implications.  Our partners and solicitors have extensive experience in these very sensitive cases ranging from negligence which occurred to either the mother or child during birth and also during aftercare.
10/10/2017personal injury

Blind woman wins landmark NI Court challenge over kerb height

  A recent ruling before NI’s High Court highlights how the legal actions of an individual can help both effect change and highlight the need for equality in our society. 
19/05/2017personal injury

Police Officers bring Civil Claims against Robbery Victim

  A man who had his car stolen after being held at knife point in his home has told the BBC that he feels he has been re-victimised by three personal injury claims made by police officers following the incident.
15/02/2017personal injury

APIL encourage motorists to back off this winter

  Needless injuries and deaths on NI roads could be reduced this winter if motorists keep their bad habits in check, say campaigners.
12/01/2017personal injury

How case of Mohamud v Morrison Supermarkets changed face of vicarious liability for employers

  Vicarious liability is a legal term used in cases where a claimant wishes to make a claim against someone who has a responsibility for the acts of another. As Lord Toulson in his Judgement in the above case put it:
16/03/2016personal injury

Johnson & Johnson hit with $72m damages in talc cancer case

  Johnson & Johnson, the well known manufacturers of Baby Powder and many other personal hygiene products have been ordered to pay $72m (£51m) to the family of a woman who claimed her death was linked to use of the company's Baby Powder talc.
25/02/2016personal injury

Hitting the slopes this ski season - ensure you are insured

  Winter is well and truly still with us but more and more people are embracing winter sports and ski season is in full swing at this time of year.
23/02/2016personal injury

Abolition of legal aid dangerous

  “Dangerous” approach to replacing legal aid will create uncertainty for injured people. A workable alternative for funding money damages claims must be in place before legal aid is scrapped, lawyers have warned.
18/02/2016personal injury