Karen Connolly provides information webinars focussed on womens rights upon divorce

  Our Family Law Partner Karen Connolly has been working collaboratively with Kith & Kin Financial Wellbeing to provide information sessions focused on financial matters tailored specifically to support women.

A Simple Guide to Divorce Procedure in NI

Making the decision to end your marriage brings with it many worries and fears about how life will change upon divorce. The last thing that any person going through a divorce wants to worry about is having to navigate a long, complicated legal process to reach the end result.

Divorce in Northern Ireland Frequently Asked Questions

For many, the process of divorce in Northern Ireland understandably can appear challenging and emotionally overwhelming. From understanding the grounds for divorce to grappling with issues like child custody and financial settlements, there are a multitude of questions that our clients often ask during the divorce process.

Debunking Common Misconceptions About Divorce in Northern Ireland

For many people, going through a divorce can be a complex and emotionally charged process.  In my experience as a divorce lawyer in Northern Ireland, there are many misconceptions held by my clients that can cloud their understanding of the legal aspects involved in divorce.

Divorce Study Uncovers Legal Deficits Impacting Fair Outcomes in England and Wales

The Nuffield Foundation recently released findings following a comprehensive study of the financial arrangements that people make when they divorce in England and Wales. The study entitled “Fair Shares? Sorting out money and property on divorce” was published on 1st November 2023. It evaluates the extent to which the divorce system enables divorcing couples to reach fair outcomes.

My spouse has hidden assets what can I do

A person leaving a marriage can feel anxious about the impact that the separation and divorce process will have on them and they may be worried about how it will be possible to disentangle themselves from the marriage both emotionally and financially.

pre-nuptial agreements

  Let’s face it – there is nothing romantic about prenuptial agreements. In fact, I doubt that there is anything that would kill romance faster than these two words being uttered by your significant other when talking about marriage, weddings and honeymoons!

What are the grounds of Divorce in NI

Many people, particularly older generations, feel that divorce has become somewhat ‘fashionable’ these days and that it is too ‘easy’ for couples to get divorced.  Whilst some could argue that there may be a little truth in that given the statistics, it is by no means the case that any Tom Dick or Harry (or their female counterparts!) can simply get a divorce.

Divorcing Couples Left in Limbo Over Public Sector Pensions

In March 2023, the HM Treasury suspended any calculation of a Cash Equivalent Transfer Value in respect of public sector Defined Benefit pension schemes and to date have not provided any firm details as to what will replace it. 

Claire Edgar is Guest Speaker at the Jersey International Family Law Conference 2022

Our Family Law Partner Claire Edgar was a guest speaker at the Jersey International Family Law Conference 2022. 

The End of The Blame Game - No Fault Divorce becomes new law in England & Wales

This week saw the introduction of no fault divorce in England and Wales.  Previously in England and Wales, when a couple wished to divorce, one spouse had to either make accusations against the other of unreasonable behaviour or adultery or else face years of separation before being legally able to end their marriage.

Bill Gates Divorce - Can finances be divided amicably

Microsoft founder Bill Gates and his wife Melinda recently announced their intention to divorce after 27 years of marriage. 

More must be done to ensure equality in divorce settlements


Claire Edgar recognised as leading lawyer in Chambers and Partners

Francis Hanna & Co are proud to announce that our Claire Edgar has been recognised as a leader in her field in Family and Matrimonial Law in Chambers and Partners 2020.  

Divorce Case Study- I don't know what assets my spouse has

Unquestionably, the breakdown of a marriage can be a difficult and stressful time in a person’s life.     In this article, we will look at some of the concerns that people separating may have about how they approach and deal with the financial side of divorce. 

The Blame Game No More - England & Wales to remove fault-based divorce ground

It has been announced today that the law governing divorce in England & Wales is to be changed to allow spouses to divorce on a ‘no fault’ ground.

The Grounds for Divorce in NI

  Today, the Supreme Court refused to allow 60-year-old Tini Owens a divorce from her husband of 40 years despite Mrs Owens claiming her husband had behaved badly towards her and she was unhappy in the marriage.  

Divorce and Pension Entitlement

  When a marriage breaks down and spouses begin the task of trying to negotiate a financial settlement, many are often surprised to discover that one of the most valuable assets in their marriage, particularly if it is a long marriage, is their pension.

Wife refused divorce as unreasonable behaviour claimed is expected in a marriage

  The wife of a multimillionaire farmer has asked the Court of Appeal to overturn the decision made by a lower Court to refuse her a divorce after the Judge hearing her divorce ruled that her husband's behaviour was to be "expected in a marriage".