Johnson & Johnson to stop selling talc-based baby powder in the US

Martin Hanna

20 May 2020

It has been announced today that healthcare giant Johnson and Johnson will stop selling its Johnson’s Baby Powder in the US and Canada, amid a wave of litigation claiming that the talc-based product can cause cancer.

Johnson & Johnson have faced thousands of lawsuits over contamination of its talc-based products with cancer causing asbestos. In 2019, the company recalled 33,000 bottles of the Baby Powder following tests conducted by the US Food and Drug Administration which discovered trace amounts of asbestos.

The firm however has consistently defended the safety of their product and noted that the demand for their product has declined in North America “due in large part to changes in consumer habits and fuelled by misinformation around the safety of the product”. The company said that the decision to stop selling the Baby Powder in the US and Canada followed a reassessment of their consumer products following the Coronavirus pandemic.

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