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Our Family Law department have always been keenly aware of the importance of information sharing among professionals working within the area of family law and domestic abuse. 

We have found that professionals from support organisations who work with individuals impacted by domestic abuse will often be asked questions about related family proceedings and will need to understand how the law operates in these areas.  To assist professionals, in November 2022 we published our first Family Law Newsletter providing information on areas of family and divorce law which may be useful to those organisations in their role of supporting victims of abuse.

We have been delighted with the feedback received on our Family Law Newsletters and are proud that that this continues to be disseminated on a bi-monthly basis to those working with victims of domestic abuse, organisations which include Women’s Aid, Nexus, Assist NI, Starling Collective and Cithrah.

If you wish to receive a copy of our newsletters, please contact us on or call 028 9024 3901