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Your organisation is not exempt from conflict. Often it is neither possible nor indeed practical to try and deal with these situations by yourself. The old adage, "you're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't" so often is all so true.

At Francis Hanna and Company we can help you to resolve the situation before it turns into a claim that will cost you, no matter who wins.  We have the experience and the rapport and empathy skills to engage with your staff to deal with issues that are hurting your business. We can mediate where relationships have become strained and dysfunctional. Most types of workplace disputes can be mediated including bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, breakdown in working relations, contracts, queries in regards to job descriptions, workplace change etc.

The employer and the employee must be willing to consider referring the matter to Mediation. Because the parties to the Mediation process are allowed to find their own solutions to the dispute without pursuing the matter through litigation, there is a greater chance that 'normal' working relationships can be restored. Therefore, Mediation in the workplace is particularly good at re-establishing respect and professional working relations. The sooner the mediation process is adopted the more successful and constructive the outcome is likely to be.

We can undertake for you sensitive investigations into allegations of bullying and harassment within your organisation at all levels. We can carry out a conflict audit to establish what is going on and identify the best and most practical way forward.

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