As a business, we had been surprised to find that, although blogs are increasingly used for sharing information through social media and were common in the legal world in England, there were no stand-alone legal blogs in Northern Ireland. 

In response to the absence of such a blog in this jurisdiction, in June 2015 our Family Law practitioners Claire Edgar and Karen Connolly set up ‘Life Law NI’.

The philosophy behind ‘Life Law NI’ is that that everybody should be able to access information on legal issues which may affect their day to day lives and that this information should be presented in plain English so that it can be understood by everyone.  

We are keenly aware that law firms are often accused of trying to over-complicate issues and bamboozle clients with legal jargon; the purpose of ‘Life Law NI’is to achieve the opposite and by doing so to provide a service to Francis Hanna & Co clients and the public at large which no other firm in Northern Ireland currently provides. We are also proud to be the only Northern Ireland blog to be listed on Venables Top 100 Best Legal Blogs UK and Ireland.

Our ‘Life Law NI’ legal blog aims to provide this service to you in the following ways:-

We provide straightforward, uncomplicated legal information on a wide range of legal topics

These topics cover a wide range of issues such as buying a home, making a Will, employment rights, family law issues and compensation for injuries.  

We provide guest blogs on a range of topics

Life Law NI regularly features guest blogs, not only from other solicitors within Francis Hanna & Co but also from other professionals who may have information on a topic which we think would be of particular interest to our followers. 

We signpost other local businesses and organisations for our followers

Another main goal of ‘Life Law NI’ is to signpost and highlight useful local services and organisations that may be able to help and support our clients and followers through life’s challenges.  We have called this section of the blog ‘LifeSupports’. 

We keep clients and followers alike updated on local legal issues in the media  

We have a section of ‘Life Law NI’ called ‘LifeBites’ which aims to keep our clients and followers informed on topics that have been in the news and media that may be of interest to them. 

We engage with clients and followers on social media  

As well as having the blog webpage, Life Law NI engages with followers via Facebook and Twitter

In summary, ‘Life Law NI’ provides our clients with free, straightforward legal information on a variety of topics that may be of interest to them. 

Please feel free to benefit from our blog by going to and clicking the ‘Follow’ link.