Many people who are involved in a dispute are concerned about the uncertainty of the outcome of formal Court proceedings. They are naturally worried about the open-ended costs of going to Court. They would also like to have more control over the resolution of the dispute and the time-frame for resolution.

What is mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary process in which allows each party a full and fair opportunity to express what is really important to them and to hear the other party.  With the help of a mediator, parties can examine the problems and look creatively at all the options for resolution by way of agreement.

Is mediation legally binding?

The process of mediation is not binding unless the parties agree otherwise.  Often an acceptable outcome can be achieved less stressfully, less publicly and less expensively than through the traditional legal route.  In the event that mediation is unsuccessful, parties still have the option to use the court process.

At Francis Hanna & Co we believe in creative problem solving and encourage our clients to consider mediation where appropriate. We are experienced in preparing our clients for mediation and assisting through the mediation process.

Our partners are trained and accredited mediators:-

  •          Linda Johnston is accredited by CEDR (Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution) London

  •          Martin Hanna is accredited by the Law Society of Northern Ireland

  •          Claire Edgar is accredited by Family Mediation N.I.

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