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Following the breakdown of a marriage, there can be several maintenance issues to be resolved by parties in family law. 

Child Maintenance

If child maintenance is not agreed on a voluntary basis either parent may apply to the Child Maintenance and Enforcement Division (formerly CSA) for an assessment.  The general rates of maintenance are 15% of net income for one child, 20% for two children and 25% for three or more children.  There are certain deductions which can be made, particularly where the children are regularly enjoying overnight contact with the paying parent.

Spousal Maintenance

There is no strict formula in family law for assessing spousal maintenance and whether any such maintenance is payable following separation will depend on the disparity of income of both parties and their needs.  It is normally assessed by looking at both parties’ income and expenditure.  In the event that this maintenance cannot be agreed then the Courts would have jurisdiction to make a Maintenance Order.

Our team of family law solicitors are dedicated to providing advice regarding maintenance entitlement following relationship breakdown, with a view to reaching financial settlement and if settlement is not possible, to obtaining the best result for our clients through the Court system. 

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