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Where there are a number of financial issues arising following breakdown of the marriage, parties can enter into negotiations through their solicitor with a view to reaching a settlement on an agreed and amicable basis and if possible without recourse to the Courts.  This is known as a Matrimonial Agreement.

If an agreement is reached,  it will be drawn up into a legally binding document to be signed by both parties and often made an Order of the Court upon Divorce.

Increasingly these agreements are made on a “clean break” basis.  That means that they set out what each parties’ entitlements are to family finances and provide that neither party will have a claim to the other’s finances in the future.

Our team of family law solicitors can provide specialist advice and assistance in negotiating Matrimonial Agreements with a view to reaching financial settlement and if settlement is not possible, to obtaining the best result for our clients through the Court system. 

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