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Serious injury cases are extremely complex and as such, few if any are likely to resolve in the short term.   

A specialist solicitor in this area of law will be intent on ensuring that an injured party receives the maximum amount of compensation that they are entitled to for their particular injury.  Often, victims of a traumatic brain injury are left with a wide range of medical problems which will require intensive and lengthy rehabilitation for many years. Some may also be dependent on care for the rest of their lives.  It will therefore be important in the process of a claim to ensure that full assessments are carried out of an injured parties’ long-term and future needs.   

Below are examples of some of the assessments that may be required before an appropriate amount of compensation can be calculated: -  

• Medical assessments on the impact of the serious injury on the injured person’s physical health and life expectancy.  

• Psychological assessments on the impact that the serious injury has had on the injured person’s psychological wellbeing.  

• Loss of earnings assessment on the impact that the serious injury has had on the injured person's ability to work and earn a living.  

• Amenities of Life assessment on the impact that the serious injury has had on the injured person's hobbies, social life, and general enjoyment of life.  

• If a serious injury has forced the injured person or their family to adapt their home or vehicle to make them more accessible, the costs of such adaptations may require assessment.  

• A long-term health assessment on any long-term or future costs associated with a person’s serious injury may also be required.  

Taking time to assess and calculate a claim fully and properly will undoubtedly maximise any compensation payable to an injured party.    

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