Make a Claim Now

It is perfectly natural to ask questions as to how much making a claim is likely to cost you before you embark on legal proceedings.  If you have suffered a personal or serious injury, you may be out of work and feeling the financial strain of this on you and your family.  This may make you reluctant to take any steps to seek compensation for your loss.  

At Francis Hanna & Co, the issue of legal costs is always front and centre of any discussions that we have with our clients when initially advising on the merits of making a compensation claim.  

You may be entitled to Legal Aid which would cover the costs of your case, including any that may arise if your case is unsuccessful. If you are eligible for Legal Aid, we can apply for this on your behalf.  

Some clients might already have cover to pay for a case, although they may not be aware of it. Many household and car insurance policies actually provide cover to pay for legal proceedings, while members of trade unions might also have a similar funding policy. 

There is also After the Event insurance policies which are available to ensure legal costs are covered to enable a case to proceed.  

We will closely examine your existing policies and advise you on the best way to fund your claim, helping you make the right choice and ensuring you have complete peace of mind. 

If your case is successful, you will ALWAYS receive 100% of the compensation awarded to you and the Defendant's insurance company will pay all legal costs. 

We offer each client a free consultation where we can discuss the circumstances and merits of any case and clearly explain the options available to you. For further information and to make an appointment, call us on028 9024 3901or email