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The circumstances of every personal injury claim will be different and so the amount of compensation payable to any individual will depend on the accident, the nature and extent of the injury and the consequential loss suffered.   

Some relevant points that need to be considered when calculating the value of a compensation claim are the following: - 

  1. The injured person’s age 
  2. Their long-term prognosis 
  3. The cost of any care required 
  4. The impact that the injury has had on the injured person’s career potential  

A specialist solicitor in this area of law will be intent on ensuring that an injured party receives the maximum amount of compensation that they are entitled to for their particular injury.  Often, victims of a traumatic brain injury are left with a wide range of medical problems which will require intensive and lengthy rehabilitation for many years.  Some may also be dependent on care for the rest of their lives.  It will therefore be important in the process of a claim to ensure that full assessments are carried out of an injured parties’ long-term and future needs.  

Taking time to assess and calculate a claim fully and properly will undoubtedly maximise any compensation payable to an injured party.   

If a case is successful, our client will ALWAYS receive 100% of the compensation and the Defendant's insurance company will pay all legal costs. 

We offer each client a free consultation where we can discuss the circumstances and merits of any case and clearly explain the options available to you. For further information and to make an appointment, call us on 028 9024 3901 or email