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We have been listed as accredited and specialist Solicitors in the Headway Solicitor's Directory.

Headway is a leading UK-wide charity providing vital support and information services to those who have suffered a brain injury and their families.

Martin Hanna, Partner of our Litigation Department comments: -

“We are delighted to be listed within the Headway Solicitor's Directory. At Francis Hanna & Co Solicitors, we have decades of experience in dealing with complex brain injury cases.

Brain injury cases can be extremely complex. It is therefore important that any proceedings issued on behalf of an injured party are handled by a solicitor with the skill and expertise needed to advise on all aspects of any potential claim for damages. The Headway Solicitors Directory immediately signposts those seeking assistance to a specialist solicitor within their local area. This undoubtedly provides reassurance to any person navigating the litigation process that their case is being handled by someone who is an expert in their field."

If you require advice and assistance in respect of  a case involving brain, head or spinal injury, we can provide you with a free consultation with one of our specialist lawyers. Call us on 028 9024 3901 or email for further information.